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Jan. 13th, 2008


january 13: just a notice...

that there are ch-ch-changes. for various reasons, i'm moving and posting to a new blog.

see you there. (and yes, this blog will be up for a while until i figure out a way to pack it up and transfer files :)

Jan. 1st, 2008


january 1: holidaze 2007

this pretty much describes the year 2007
this pretty much describes my year in 2007. there was a lot of screaming, well, not really. but there certainly was a lot of moving involved! and a lot of changes that are not really scream-and-tear-your-hair worthy, but still a pain.

but also many many good things that also make me jump in excitement. like new friends. meeting old chums again. very random coincidences. tandem bike. being in the right place. and i'm armed for the new year with a very nice new camera. and a new weaving loom (my fiber arts-fu is increasing rapidly these days...)

and to make up for my disappearing act during the holidaze, i've got an embarassing plethora of pictures to show you. you can find them in the holidays2007 collection, with two sets:new york and richmond.

also, i'm starting off the new year by joining the 365days flickr group for two reasons: 1) to be more comfortable photographed (i love taking pictures of everyone and everything except myself) and 2) to be more in the moment everyday, which i want to keep practicing. here's a start:
learning new skills (1/365)

and of course, it wouldn't be new year's without a picture of cori (which is how I started joining flickr and appreciating photography):
cori looking forward to the new year
have a very happy new year everyone!

and some beauty for the new year:

Dec. 16th, 2007


december 16: biscuits et biscotti

if i ran a holiday bakery, that would be name of it. because that's all i made.

witness this pile of doggie treats heaven:
my dog"s idea of heaven

homemade garlic cheese biscuits, fortified with some nutritional yeast. thinly rolled and baked to perfection for maximum crunchiness. guaranteed to sate even the most fincky gormutt.

because if i don't, i get the dog equivalent of a coal in a stocking. which usually means a filthy wet milk-bone on my pillow, usually just before i go to sleep.

december 15: stars on a string

the lone solstice decoration visible from outside our house: ombre ninja stars, pinwheels, crochet snowflakes...

stars on a string


the other side

Dec. 14th, 2007


december 14: friday flickr favorites

friday flickr faves (12.14.07)

1. TIS THE SEASON roving, 2. Bicycle Christmas lights, 3. snowflakes, 4. trees, 5. Nirvana, 6. gingerbread tree

i get a quote every time i make a mosaic. this one seemed apt for this group :)
"Nonsense and beauty have close connections." — E. M. Forster

december 13: slowly accumulating

things collected on a walk

...objects found on a walk. it was a nice day today, though a bit gusty at end...and it rained softly for 5 minutes. ah well.

Dec. 13th, 2007


december 12: tool roll

tool roll

my sewing machine is finally out of its box. and has been used. again and again.

sadly not by me. mr. yum originally used it to repair patches to his now defunct pants and on a recent bookstore trip, he picked up a copy of lotta jansdotter's simple sewing and got inspired to create his own tool roll (no pattern needed. improvisation only.)

we had an old canvas rocker cover that had a small but bad hole and with the help of a seam ripper and scissors, he turned it into a tool roll. complete with ties made from old hiking boot shoelaces.

not bad for a first serious sewing endeavor, don't you think?

inside the tool roll

december 11: dreaming of a winter solstice

dreaming of a white solstice

i'm one of those people that hates having a christmas tree or any cut holiday tree. basically those are dead trees and i hate killing trees. that's not to say i don't enjoy ornaments or lights (i love lights. the more the merrier) or the decorating of the greens but i don't see the point of having a dead tree in your house and then having a sligtly deader tree in your driveway sadly waiting to be picked up by the yard waste folks. it's just depressing and not a pretty sight for the new year.

i could get an artificial tree but i'm not too crazy about them either. something about the plastic bothers me. so this year i splurged a bit on a Zents candle called Winter Wonderland, remniscient of a sleigh ride through the evergreens and snow and jingle bells and warm breaths in the cold air and twinkling stars...initially, when you smell it up close, it smells very strongly of pine sap. but when it burns, it smells like all the smells you associate with christmas trees and pines, plus something a little more, like winter magic.

and how badly we need winter magic here in durham, under a severe drought and record high temperatures (still not ready to put away summer clothes).snow, rain, even ice. any watery precipitation will do. the record high temperatures these days are definitely not helping.

december 10: yes, it is still fall.

while waiting at an intersection...

...and seventy-three degrees farenheit. i'm in my t-shirt and shorts. i nearly got a sunstroke jogging this evening because it was still that hot.

i don't get it. and it feels so very wrong. and i can't lie and say i'm not enjoying it.

december 8-9: the first advent weekend

tandem bike shadows

some weekend favorites:
*riding the tandem in sunshine
*fading tulips
*best american nonrequired reading (read the first entry and be prepared to laugh out loud in public). seriously, an excellent collection of often funny and often random bits.
*31st anniversary party at your local bookshop + free wine + chocolate cake
*organizing and clearing closets in the house
*unseasonably warm days (it is weird, but at the same time...not entirely unpleasant) and sitting outside a cafe finishing up a crossword
*watching spiderman 3 and pirates of the carribean 3 (i heart johnny depp)
*helping mr. yum bake oatmeal raisin cookies (from a mix, but not too bad)
*tamarind & passionfruit juices
*indian tacos (it's like a taco but with curry on the bottom)

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