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an early birthday present for me

remember the new development that i was talking about? well, here it is -- a new bike!

Glowy wheels are cool.
Specs: Breezer Uptown 8, U-Frame, size L

It rides like a dream, and is much more than I expected. I rode it for a bit around NCSSM parking lot and didn't want to get off. I really look forward to riding it often. Other than the obvious safety features (glowy tires, lights that turn on when you pedal and still stay on when you stop/stand, rear wheel lock), the internal hub is extremely smooth and I adore the U frame. I don't have to think about getting on my bike, which is what my klutzy self had to do every time. I want to go back outside for a ride again just thinking about it :) I also absolutely love the fact that I had to do almost no accessories-fit for my bike (it comes with fenders, rack, lights, bell) except for a water bottle holder. It means I can just take it out right away and not worry about fiddling/adjusting things.

More cool pictures:

sans flash.

pedaling in...

pedaling out-- see you around town!

btw, i'm naming this bike "Gale the Maroon Marauder." Gale from Dorothy Gale of Wizard of Oz fame (the bike is ruby-red) and Maroon Marauder b/c well, it *is* maroon and b/c well, arrrrr.



Just recently found out about the Uptown and have wanted one since. Congratulations! (A bit late, though)

Re: envy!

thanks :) i adore it more every time i ride it. my SO has envied mine for a long time that he's outfitted his bike with parts from Uptown (the lights, the seat).


Still a Breeze?

So, after two summers of cruisin', are you and your U-Frame Gale still getting along? Give us an Uptown 8 update -- is this a long-term relationship?

Re: Still a Breeze?

yup, still lurve gale the maroon marauder. the only thing that broke was the chain guard and i replaced that by ordering the part from breezer. my back light doesn't always work and i'm not sure how to fix it, but it's not a problem because i have a separate red light that i attach to my panniers. but otherwise it's still a keeper. it even gets borrowed because it's that easy to use. you don't need anything fancy other than a helmet.

the only thing that keeps me from riding it more often is the newly acquired tandem because it's much easier for me to ride at night on the tandem (i have night vision issues). and given how much easier uptown8 is to ride, i wish the breezer folks would make a tandem as well.